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Sorry Not Sorry

No, but really...I am sorry that I haven't posted in a week! I've been super busy with the kiddos starting school this week. Can you believe that it's my son's first day of his Senior year? I can't! On my way to taking him to school, we decided to stop at Starbucks to kick off a great start to his first day. I know that he's going to have a great year! He has all the classes he wanted and he decided to take a full schedule instead of having a free period.

I also know that he's going to have a busy year, not only with his 18th birthday approaching, but also with SAT, college essays, college applications, and of course campus visits. He really wants to attend UCLA, but being the conscious kiddo that he is, he doesn't want to pay the hefty price tag that comes with it. He is thinking of going to community college for the first two years and then transferring. Smart kid. I'll post another blog on why this option is the most realistic choice. Having been in education myself (Student and Employee), I know what the burden of student loans feels like. 

But that's a post that I'll save for next time. Anyway, tomorrow, my daughter is starting 6th grade. Since her school goes up to six grade, she opted out of starting Middle School and decided to stay at her elementary school this year. Over the past few days, she's been stressing out about what she's going to wear. Trying on several outfits and figuring out how she should do her hair. As a result, her room is a complete mess with clothes all over the floor - but, she finally got her wardrobe situation figured out. I remember being that age. Excited to start a new school year, and the only thing I had to worry about is who my teacher is and what to wear to school.

As for me, I feel like this school year is going to be insane and I'm already preparing myself for it.  When I'm not taking the kiddos to set, I substitute teach. And when I'm not doing that, I'm working on my Etsy shop. Which, by the way, is an exciting adventure for me.

I predict that this year will be full of exciting new things and experiences, and I can't wait to share it with you!



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