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Wsup everyone and welcome to Oohla Ley.
I'm a freebird at heart and I not only crave adventure, I seek it - but I didn't always embrace it. I know, you're probably thinking, why the fuck not?!
Should I even continue reading this blog?
Before you click that X in the corner of your screen, let me explain. For most of my adult life, I've been living to work. You know - you work to pay the bills, to survive, to provide for your family, and sometimes buy frivolous things that you don't necessarily need. How many of you have bought expensive purses that you only wear on occasion? Or [if you're like me] buy more clothes to hang in your already filled closed. Where [if you're like me] you end up finding again five years later with the tags still attached? Yup. That's what I mean by frivolous.

It only took me 17 years of my adulthood to realize that I was doing it all wrong! I should be working to live. Yes, pay your bills on time, but use your left over cash to save up for the next adventure, not your next purse. Don't wait for a life changing experience [read my first blog] to push you into having an epiphany. There's a magical world out there, with so many amazing things waiting to be discovered.
Working to fund my adventures has become my new mantra.
Embrace the freebird in you. I know I am.

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